Payment methods

Of course, the accountholder is different from the person who pays.

The recharge can be realized from the control panel on logging in from here and clicking on the and clicking on the left column on "Manage credit"> "Add".

For the recharg we accept payment with:

Bank transfer
Credit card

If you have also done the order choosing a payment method, but you want to change it, you have to log in your control panel from here and in the left column click on "Orders pending payment" > "Pay all selected" and choose the payment method you prefer.

We accept:

Credit card
Paypal (with account)
Bank transfer

Our IBAN code is correct. Probably you are tryng to do a national transfer, you should do an abroad payment because our company and our bank reside in Spain. Lots of times the internet banking doesn't permit abroad payments, in this case we reccommend you to contact with your branch and ask them how to do an abroad payment. It..... Read More »
These are our banking data: Inmediatamente WEB SL Bank: ING DIRECT 28232 Madrid - Spain IBAN: ES5514650100941900383026 BIC / SWIFT: INGDESMMXXX If your internet banking doesn't accept the BIC/SWIFT code, reinsert it without the "XXX": INGDESMM Company address: Inmediatamente WEB SL Avenida Amsterdam, 1 Edificio "Valdès Center" Torre A - Local A12 38650 Los Cristianos - Spain Bank address: CAP:..... Read More »
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