International domains transfer

No, you can't. To transfer a domain you must to have the authcode (Auth info for .IT domains).

If you don't have it, ask it to your provider, it's bound to give it to you.

If you want to transfer a domain to we can't give you the authcode, your provider is boung to give it to you.

Only when you will have the authcode and the domain will be unlocked you can start the transfer from here.

When the system give that type of error, it's because the domain isn't in the "Ok" status but in the "ClientTransferProhibited" one. For verifying a domain status you have to enter on or To modify the status to the "Ok" one you have to contact the provider and ask to unlock it.
Any provider can reject to give the auth code, especially if asked from the admins email address. If it happens, first of all send a fax or an official communication to the provider asking the auth code. If they still don't give the auth code to you, you can ask it directly to the Reg. In most cases, the provider..... Read More »

The auth code or AUTHORIZATION CODE, it's the code you need for transfering a domain with an international extension. If you don't have it you will not able to transfer your domain.

The auth code must be asked to the provider and it is bound to give it to you.

The status of a domain can be verified by various pages, we use and This status define untransferable domains for which you can not change the owner/admin or whois data. Can i ask you a "Whois" data update for a domain in "Lock" status? No, every time you'll want to update or transfer a domain in "Lock" status..... Read More »
Case 1 - Did you received a email from "myorderbox" with a link to confirm the transfer? (did you checked the junk mails?) If you received the email and confirmed the trasfer, it matter of time. A transfer can last more than 10 days. Anyway after the confirm of the transfer from the contact's email address, at least 5 days..... Read More »
If the domain expired you can't transfer it (in all providers). The domain can only be renewed, in the "Deleted domains" area of your control panel. After this you can ask the auth code and transfer it Otherwise you can wait 75 days from the expiring date (40 for the .EU domains and  35 for the .IT ones) and the..... Read More »

The auth code, for security reasons, is directly provided by our staff to the owners email address.

The auth code must be asked from here, our staff will answer within 24 hours.

We also recommend to start the transfering 15 days before the expiring date.

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