Who can register a domain and how to do it on Misterdomain.eu.

Everyone can register a domain (private individuals, companies, associations, non-profit organizations, freelancers...).

The private individuals who wants to register a domain must be adult (+18)

The .IT domains can be registrated only by private individuals members of the European community, for the others extensions (COM NET ORG INFO BIZ IN CC TV NAME MOBI) there's no limit, everyone can register them (+18).

Register a domain on Misterdomain.eu it's very easy, just follow these instructions:

Sign in on Misterdomain.eu by clicking here.

After signing in (the system will send you a email to check your email address) insert the domain you want to register here, choose the extension and click on "Check".

If the domain it's available click the green button "Register" or choose a different extension it the list.

Now you will have to choose which package you want to combinate with your domain (domain + DNS management, domain + DNS + email, domain + Windows basic hosting, domain + Windows plus hosting, domain + Linux basic hosting, domain + Linux plus hosting). Click on the banner of the package to select it.

Log in, just if you still haven't done it.

Insert the accountholder data clicking on "accountholder data changing", then click on "Save and continue".

Click on "Order", choose the payment mode and pay.

After completing these instructions the domain will appear in the "Activation orders" for about 1 hour. After that time the domain will disappear from that list and will be transfered to the "Active domains management" area in the control panel, where you will be able to admin it.
If the domain will not be in the "Active domain management" area after 12 hours, contact us.

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