I've asked the transfer of a domain, when will it be completed?

Case 1 - Did you received a email from "myorderbox" with a link to confirm the transfer? (did you checked the junk mails?)

If you received the email and confirmed the trasfer, it matter of time. A transfer can last more than 10 days.

Anyway after the confirm of the transfer from the contact's email address, at least 5 days are necessary to complete the operation.

Case 2 - More than 48 hours passed and the email still hasn't arrived.

In this case the problems could be 2:

1 - The email address of the contact ("Administrative Contact" or "Admin contact" or "Admin-c") it wrong or you don't read that inbox. We can recommend you to verificate that address through a whois research (http://who.is/whois-information), and ask the email address changing to your provider.

2 - Whois data of the domain are protected from a "privacy protection" or "idshield" service: you should contact your provider/Reg and ask to remove that service.

If you changed the email address or you you removed the privacy protection service after the transfer request, you have to contact us and communicate what you've done.

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