What's the Lock ClientTransferProhibited status of a domain?

The status of a domain can be verified by various pages, we use www.who.is and www.whois.net.

This status define untransferable domains for which you can not change the owner/admin or whois data.

Can i ask you a "Whois" data update for a domain in "Lock" status?

No, every time you'll want to update or transfer a domain in "Lock" status you'll have to ask us to change the status.

Is Misterdomain.eu able to enable/disable the "Lock" status automatically and for all my domains?

No, it is a manual operation that requires a operator to do it, so you have to ask it to our staff.

Who can remove the "Lock" status for a domain?

Only the actual Reg can remove the Lock status. Even if you changed Reg from Misterdomain.eu, you have to ask him to change the status.

I have a .ORG domain in the "TransferProhibited" status, why?

The registratin authority for the .org domains, decided to set the "transferProhibited" status for the domains which have been registered in less than 60 days and for the ones which have been transfered in less than 60 days. This means that between every transfer have to pass 2 months. It's not possible to change the status, the authority is the only one who can do it.

Can Misterdomain.eu ask to change the lock status for a transfering domain?

No, we can't intervene. You have to ask your actual Reg to remove the Lock status, for transfering the domain.

My domain is in the "Registrar-Hold" status, what does it mean?

Generally the "Hold" status is associated to domain that expired or are suspended for some reason. You have to ask your Reg for information, a Hold domain isn't transferable.

The Lock status is other to call the ClientTransferProhibited status.

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