Is possible to have for each order / domain an invoice to my customer?

Yes, it is possible

The important thing is to update the billing data in the "User Data change" before processing the creation of an order (registration, transfer, renewal or purchase upgrade) and the related surcharges

If you already have an order but you still have to make the payment and you need to change your billing information, you have to eliminate the order, change the billing information from the "change user data" and re-execute the command.

Once you create the order and made the payment
the system automatically issues the invoice and you can not edit it.

You can't move invoices from an account to another.

To access the "Billing" in your control panel and download the invoices get access from here in the left column and click on "Billing".

To change the billing information go to the Control Panel from here and click in the left column on "Edit user data"

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