What is: "Authority", "Mantainer", "Domain name".

To know the meaning of the basic terms of the procedures for the registration and management of domains on the Internet:

Cos'è l'Authority?

The Registration Authority (many times in the blog or in the speed discussion groups RA) is a national body (in our case is called NIC, is located in Pisa and can be reached at the following address www.nic.it) or internationally responsible for establishing rules and procedures for the assignment of domain names, the management of registers and primary name servers of the various TLD.

Cos'è un Mantainer

The Maintainer is the organization that presents the competent Authority of the client applications for a domain name and holding the information and data related to a domain name. And 'the intermediary between the person seeking to register the domain name and the Authority. MisterDomain.EU (inweb-REG) is accredited by the National Pisa NIC for synchronous recording of .IT domains.

Nome a Dominio

A domain is the name that uniquely identifies a person, company or organization on the Internet. We, for example, we identify the Internet as "misterdomain.eu" (.EU indicates EUROPE).
The domain is made up of two parts, separated by a point. The first part is the name chosen at registration, while the second is an acronym that may indicate a geographic area, or type of activity carried out and it is called extension. Here are some examples:

  • Geographical extensions: IT Italy, ES Spain, DE Germany, FR France, EU Europe, CH Switzerland, US United States, CA Canada (etc.)
  • Other extensions: COM Commercial, ORG Organization, INFO Information, PRO Professionals (etc.)


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