How to buy and activate Backup - Plesk 12.5

Login the control panel on with your email and your password.

Choose the domain in wich you want to activate the backup clicking on "Active domain management" > "Panel" > "Backup service" > "Activate".

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Choose how many GBs of space you want to buy for your backup (The space must be at least the occupied space from your website, if you want to do more than 1 copy you have to calculate the space you need.  Example - if your site is 2 GBs and you want to do 6 copies, you have to buy 6 GBs of space)


The first years price is calculated from how many days are left from the expiring date. When you have to renew the domain the price will be 5,00 €/GB


Login the Plesk panel, in the upper right click on the backup tool.


Now you have to insert the FTP acces data taht Plesk will use to save the files in the webspace for your backup. The acces data are generated and memorized in the control panel.




A backup can be done automatically or can be planified. We recommend to set the lifetime of a backup file so that the webspace does not end. Configuration example in the following images:



The backup can be done manually without planning it. remember to select "FTP archiving".

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