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If you want to access your mail, you can do it through Plesk, with datas that you received in the activation email. Or typing the following URL that begins with "webmail",but instead of red characters, write your domain with the correct extension: http://webmail.yoursitename.xx/ In the login panel enter ID and password you chose when you created your mail account. ........................................................................................ Read More »
Ours servers use spam filters based on these DNSBL/RBL: Spamhaus - Sorbs - SpamCannibal - If someone sent you an email from an IP address that results in one of those RBL, ours servers will not deliver the mail and will send to the sender a message like this: ------------------- The IP Address of the sender ( Read More »
For the Linux Hosting (Plus or Basic) the email is managed by the Plesk control panel, in the "Email" area. The link and the data for logging in Plesk can be generated from here, clicking on "Active domain management" > "Panel" > "Control panel". Some useful links: How to change a inbox password? Setting up of most utilized email client
There are some of the connections providers that don't admit SMTP servers use on the port 25, at the moment, we only know 4: Wind, Tre, Vodafone and Teletu. <<<  To solve the problem you have to replace the port 25 with port 587 >>> Another solution is using providers SMTP servers: WIND: TRE: TRE (Business): VODAFONE: Read More »

It's not possible to activate forwarding and autoreply at the same time, one must to be desactivated.

Have you already read this FAQ?

The autoreply sends one email each email address, so if an address writes you more than one time, the autoreply will not write it back twice.

No, you can only import one email address.

Packages "Domain + email" or purchase of "Email" upgrade. Log in the control panel by inserting login data, click on "Active domain management" then on "Control panel" of the domain you are interested in, click on "Email management" > "Add". Packages "Linux basic/plus hosting" and "Windows basic/plus hosting". Log in the Plesk control panel (link to log in and data..... Read More »
Packages "Domain + email" or purchase of "Email" upgrade. Login from here with your login data, click on "Active domain management" > "Panel" > "Email management". There you will find inboxes data. Packages "Linux basic/plus hosting" and "Windows basic/plus hosting". Email management it's only possible through Plesks control panel. For privacy, Plesk doesn't admit to see passwords, but only replace..... Read More »
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