Domains renew/reactivation

You can pay the renew in these ways: Bank transfer Credit card Paypal (Postepay too) User credit Our banking data are: Company: Inmediatamente WEB SL Bank: ING DIRECT Address: 28232 Madrid - Spain IBAN:ES55 1465 0100 94 1900383026 BIC/SWIFT: INGDESMM (Your internet banking could ask you to add XXX at the ens of the BIC/SWIFT code)
If I don't want to renew a domain, what should i do? If you don't want to renew a domain, just don't pay it and the domain name and all services related to it will be deleted and disabled. All files, database, third-level domains and inboxes will be deleted. If your domain expired and you want to recuparate the backup,..... Read More »

The expiring domains should be renewed 10 days before, to avoid paying additional tax for recover the expired domain. This rule applies if the payment has been done with the off-line payment mode (Bank Transfer).

Who choose to use bank transfer should do it at least 20 days before the expiring date, to avoid paying additional tax to recover the expired domain. Realizing the bank transfer 20 days before does not mean you lose 20 days of services. The order paid with bank transfer will be added to the "Activating Orders" queue and will be..... Read More »

Login to your control panel with your email address and password.

Click on "Domain to be renewed" and follow our instructions.

If the domain expired, click on "Domains cancelled" and then on "Recover".

You can activate an expired domain through the relevant section in the Control Panel called "Domains erased" by clicking on "Recover." The visibility of the domain is restored within 24 hours of payment except for cases in which the domain has expired more than 25 days. In this case can serve up to 72 hours for the reactivation of the..... Read More »
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